Update: As of January 2014, the news section is no longer public.  Please register an account here to access content.   Welcome to Henok's website.  This space will primarily consist of updates regarding present and future projects. Henok, a US citizen, grew up in the United States in a family of Eritrean descent; he completed his undergraduate studies in Finance and conducted postgraduate studies in Law. Professionally, Henok has acquired invaluable experience through various support and leadership roles through a multitude of companies and organizations, including NGOs, government agencies, corporations, and private companies. Understanding the importance of cultivating relationships with local communities, Henok has often participated in volunteer initiatives and has been an active member of the national mentoring organization, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America. In his personal time, Henok enjoys many hobbies, including reading non-fiction books, honing technical skills, photography, and travel. For both work and personal travel, Henok has spent time visiting many countries throughout Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, as well as Australia. For scheduling requests or to obtain Henok's portfolio/resume, please visit the contact page of this website and send a message along with your information.  Thank you.



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